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Senior 3D Architectural Visualizer

Poland, Dolnośląskie, Wroclaw3D

Job description

PixelPool Architectural Illustrations is the Polish branch of PixelPool Holding, responsible for delivering top quality architectural visualizations for architects and real estate from all over the world.

We're looking for a world class senior 3d artist specializing in architectural visualizations, willing to work on great architectural projects from all over Europe with a dynamic and talented team of both experienced archiviz artists and junior very motivated rookies in the field.

We expect you to be able to work simultaneously on up to two architectural visualization projects at once, alone or as a team leader. The management and production process involves the complete project pipeline - from the moment of getting the initial information to the point of a ready product in the best possible quality and within the deadline and timeline that are satisfying for the client, all the while directly communicating with the client via calls or emails. We hope you will strive constantly to artistic and technical perfection in the field of architectural visualization, looking for new styles, feels, moods and ideas viable in showing architecture in the most interesting and creative ways that will highlight its strongest points and best aspects. You also should be able to implement creatively the ideas, solutions and feedback from the client as well as correctly analyzing and assessing all the intormation and input involved like architectural drawings, plans, descriptions, Google Earth data and any other input materials and ideas put forward by the client. We also need you to be able to coordinate and monitor your team's work as a team leader and, with time, help recruiting and train new employees to your best skill and knowledge and help with any other ad hoc archiviz related work and tasks that need to be done at a given moment.

Job requirements

You should:

- have a BS in architecture or computer graphics

- be proficient at English, very good at Polish, Dutch is welcome as well

- be proficient and have extensive in-depth knowledge and experience at 3dsmax and Corona renderer, Forest Pack and RailClone

- good knowledge and experiences with Phoenix and Unreal Engine 5 are very welcome

- be able to read and understand architectural drawings and models

- be able to spot the best in any picece of architecture and translate it creatively and artistically to world class architectural visualisations

And last but not least we hope you'll be a friendly and good teammate, ready to not only work with your team but also joke and have fun with us, all while making top notch archiviz images :).

What we offer

We offer you a job with a friendly and easy going, yet creative and dynamic team in a comfortable office in the downtown of Wrocław. You will work with the team as a team leader on interesting architectural projects from all over the world, all while staying on an indefinite employment contract. If your skills will be up to the task, you can expect a correspondingly high salary. You will also be given a lot of artistical freedom to pursue the perfection in the work you create, as well as time and opportunities to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. All of this while working on powerful machines and software compliant with the most recent advancements in archiviz technology, including a possibility of participation in the Unreal Archiviz division that we plan to kick start in the first half of 2023. And finally every two years you can wind off during a 5 days company integration trip to some of the best hotels and nicest places in Europe (this year it was Tuscany ;)) to meet new people from the company's other branches, eat, drink and have tons of fun.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please send your CV, portfolio and motivational letter. A link to your website with the portfolio is the most preferred option.

The initial selection process will take till the end of November. We will analyze all the entries and each candidate will receive an aswer: either yes or no, therefore please don't send emails asking us about your candidature, we'll surely inform you about the decision when we are ready. In December we'll invice a few selected candidates for an interview and a practical test. The final decision will be taken by the end of December and the soonest realistically possible time you could start is January 2023, depending on any other contracts that might bind you still. The chosen candidate will be initially hired for 3 months training and test periods and if all goes well we'll prolong the contract indefinitely. We're looking forward to your application!